Hate crime and hate incidents

Hate crimes and incidents are any crimes that are targeted at a person because of hostility or prejudice towards that person.  safe & sound is committed to tackling hate crime and prejudices leading to hate crime and incidents.

A crime or incident is classed as ‘hate’ crime or incident If the person the act is aimed at, or a person witnessing the act, perceives it to be because of any of the below characteristics of the victim.


  • race or ethnicity
  • religion or belief
  • sexual orientation
  • gender identity
  • disability


A victim of a hate crime/ incident does not have to be a member of a minority group or someone who is generally considered to be vulnerable. Effectively anyone can be the victim of a hate incident.


Incidents may involve physical assault, damage to property, bullying, harassment, verbal abuse or insults, offensive graffiti or letters /text messages emails/ comments over social networks


More on hate crime link to site https://www.victimsupport.org.uk/help-victims/ive-been-affected/hate-crime


Safety Net

Friend or fake

Stop hate UK



Other options for reporting  also being encouraged within the borough  are known as third party reporting centres. These allow victims to report acts of hate confidentially.

More on third party reporting centres


hate crime



National research has shown that incidents of hate crime are under-reported. safe & sound is committed to offering a variety of reporting mechanisms to ensure people are able to report in confidence where they feel most comfortable.

In Dudley the major reporting options include:

Dudley Council Plus –  0300 555 2345

True Vision –  www.report-it.org.uk

Police – 0345 113 5000 – Nationally 101

Victim Support  0300 303 1977 –  www.victimsupport.org.uk


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